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ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is shaping the future of quality assurance technologies and taking it to a whole new level. Our new and improved measuring solutions and accessories for the quality lab are capable of solving all measuring challenges for companies of all sizes and in all industries. We enable productivity gains for our customers behind increased efficiency, flexibility and profitability.



With the new ZEISS CONTURA you are prepared for all future measuring tasks, since various kind of sensors (tactile and optical) from ZEISS can easily be used on it - thanks to the multi application sensor system (MASS).


ZEISS PRISMO verity is a PRISMO with features from ZEISS PRISMO ultra for more accuracy in measuring applications, where precision matters the most.

Monitor the measuring environment, including temperature, airflow, air humidity and barometric pressure, temper your workpieces with ZEISS TEMPAR in a complete new design.

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Additional Products in this Area


The compact 3D sensor is an easy-to-use and flexibl scanning system for precise data capture including high light intensity and a fast camera.


Roughness and contour – both can be measured with the SURFCOM NEX in a single measuring run. The form tester with the highest accuracy in its class is the RONDCOM NEX.


The automated probe changing rack with electric drive provides your styli systems outside the measuring space on your machine. The styli systems are moved in and out of the measuring space automatically for the probe change - with ZEISS ProMax E you can use up to 46% more of your measuring range.

ZEISS Fixtures

With the universal clamping devices, you can easily clamp workpieces from a wide range of geometrics and no longer have to worry about accessibility, weight and stability.

ZEISS Stylus System Creator

Trial and error is a thing from the past. With the ZEISSStylus System Creator you can design and document your stylus system digitally with a few clicks.


The software provides imaging, analysis, and data connectivity tools for multi-modal microscopy in connected material laboratories. ZEISS ZEN core helps to improve efficiency through automated image segmentation, contextual data analysis, and centralized data management.


At the mere push of a button, the digital measuring projector evaluates – with fully automatic setting of both illumination and focus – the characteristics of a work piece and documents the results.

ZEISS Axio Zoom V16

This Zoom-Microscope enhances production quality by advanced technical cleanliness analysis enabling automated particle evaluation for accurate and repeatable results.

ZEISS Smartzoom 5

The automated digital microscope enables repeatable inspection and documentation workflows - from part to part, operator to operator, and even lab to lab.


The confocal laser scanning microscope allows to evaluate the quality and functional performance of surfaces and 3D microstructures in accordance with the latest industry standards. You can include comprehensive geometric, functional and roughness studies.

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