ZEISS X-Ray Series

To examine things, to get to the bottom of them, to get to their core – this desire has always driven science, research, and development. X-ray technology from ZEISS has provided perfect insights for years in these and other areas. When it comes to quality and process control, it reveals what would otherwise remain hidden from even the most watchful of eyes – without destroying the part.



The newly designed ZEISS METROTOM 1500 delivers advanced CT scanning technology for reliable destruction-free quality control in the quality lab. The 3rd generation uses proven CMM technology for high accuracy in the entire measuring volume.

ZEISS Xradia 610 & 620 Versa

The new 3D X-ray microscopes allow sub-micron imaging up to twice as fast. Perform destruction-free in-situ and 4D studies of your materials without compromising resolution.

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Additional products in this area

The 2D radioscopy solution enables fast and non-destructive inspection of safety-relevant parts with convenient loading processes. Optional upgrade available for 3D scanning.

The accessory reduces set-up times of your CT machine by 80% and enables maximum productivity. Adjust workpieces on the pallet, present parameters and simulate the CT beam path to save downtime.

The software from ZEISS for visualizing and measuring CT volume data of ZEISS X-Ray Series, now available with defect analysis option.

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