Metrology Solutions for Medical Technology

Measuring Solutions for Medical Technology

Industrial Metrology provides data for the medical industry, thus making its contribution to the research, product development and quality assurance of further medical applications. ZEISS measuring systems have already gained popularity in dentistry and deliver geometric data for implants – and they’re often used in prosthetics to develop prototypes that ensure a good fit. Inspections, modeling and simulations of plastic medical components can also be performed in many other medical applications.

Customers that Use ZEISS Measuring Technology

Better Than Gold

Stylus setup devices shorten set-up time and prevent shaft errors

Millions of Steps Accross

Coordinate Measuring Machines Guarantee the Quality of High-Tech Prosthetics at Össur

Ensuring that a Propeller Keeps a Heart Beating

O-INSPECT measures minipropeller to be used inside aorta

Reliable X-ray Diagnosis

Agfa HealthCare measures optical disks 10x faster than in the past