Analyze volume data efficiently

Visualize and analyze your parts down to the inner core using CT data. No matter which CT hardware you use, the powerful ZEISS INSPECT software will help you visualize and analyze the data. Evaluate defects, structures, and assembly situations, and bundle your results in easy-to-understand reports – even with video.

The highlights of ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray

Multiple views for absolute clarity

Better orientation through Multiview

Divide the software UI into several work areas. This way, you can move through your part in different perspectives. Depending on the requirements and your own preferences, you can combine sectional views with 3D representations or tables and other views. Surveying or inspection of defects is possible in any working area. This is Multiview on a new level.

Complement with apps

Detect defects in 2D and 3D

Even if your data are not optimal, you can reliably evaluate pores or inclusions with ZEISS INSPECT. Do you need a special evaluation – for example, according to P203 or P202? These functions are available as a supplementary app – simply install them later.

All in one go

Batch scan for increased efficiency

The CT scan of individual parts costs time. Make your work easier by scanning several parts of a series at the same time, separating them again via the software, and evaluating them automatically.

Region of interest

Treat different part sections individually

Especially when analyzing complex parts consisting of several elements, you can benefit from the division into different regions. This allows you to digitally undo the assembly and analyze different areas with individual tolerances in each case – thereby saving considerable time.

ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray at a glance

Intuitive operation and high performance: CT data analysis has never been easier. ZEISS INSPECT guides you through the complete workflow – from data import to report generation. Clever functions make it easier for you to analyze your CT data.

Display volume data interactively

Whether 2D or 3D: Choose the representation that you like.

Analyze internal defects

Detect voids, cracks, inclusions, porosity, and other defects – even automatically.

Evaluate multiple parts

Automatically evaluate multiple parts in a project, set one as a reference, and analyze the differences.

Check metrologically

Check your parts three-dimensionally – for example, for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

Present results in a comprehensible way

Recognize deviations using a quickly understandable color scale.

Easily automate processes

Record your operations and run them as a Python script, or use additional apps for process automation.

Extend functions with apps

De-Warp – Virtual warp compensation for plastic parts

De-Warp – Virtual warp compensation for plastic parts

Measure your parts clamped without any clamping device. The De-Warp app calculates the clamped state so you can see how the part will behave in the installed state.

  • Save time and costs
  • Prevent scrap
  • Increase your efficiency
AI-based defect analysis with ZADD for ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray

ZADD – Detecting defects in castings with artificial intelligence

Use the ZEISS Automated Defect Detection (ZADD Segmentation) app to automate defect detection based on AI.

  • Meaningful results – even with poor data quality
  • Train models in a user-defined way
  • Can be used for mixed and dense materials

ZEISS INSPECT in use for X-ray applications

Inspection of a battery in ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray

Battery check

Goal: Inspect critical parts on a battery and identify defects.

Solution: After the battery has been acquired with a computed tomography scanner, the CT data are evaluated in ZEISS INSPECT: The software generates digital sectional images at any points on the battery, and you can determine the image section and contrast individually. In this way, you can detect the finest details and material differences; you can also reliably detect typical problem areas on the anode overhang, foreign material inclusions, or defective spot welds.

Nominal-actual comparison in ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray

Metrological defect analysis

Goal: 3D inspection of an injection-molded part in order to check GD&T.

Solution: The import of the CT data of the part as well as its CAD data are the basis for further analysis. These include a nominal-actual comparison plus wall thickness analysis in order to assess part quality and optimize tools. The software visually displays dimensional deviations from the nominal part using a color scale. The inspection of the part for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing also on internal elements as well as comprehensive reporting complete the inspection.

Defect analysis in plastic inhaler component with ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray

Defect analysis on a plastic part

Goal: Analyze internal defects in a targeted manner.

Solution: The analysis includes not only the detection of air pockets and cavities inside the part but also metrological examination. For this examination, ZEISS INSPECT offers functions that allow you to analyze porosity, defect size, or distance to the outer shell. This allows you to evaluate defects and their effects efficiently and reliably.

What our customers say about ZEISS INSPECT

Head of Corporate Quality Operations Support
Horst Lang Head of Corporate Quality Operations Support

In addition to CT technology, evaluation also plays a major role and for this it is important to be able to work effectively and at a high level. We no longer have to switch between different software solutions. Instead, we stay in one family and can make statements and evaluations.

Metrologist in the Quality Management Department at Hansgrohe
Claudia Belezni Metrologist in the Quality Management department at Hansgrohe, Germany

We need a non-destructive method in order to be able to look inside parts and detect leaks. ZEISS INSPECT is well suited for analyzing defects in parts.

Head of Measurement Laboratory of ODW-Elektrik
Bernd Föller Head of Measurement Laboratory of ODW-Elektrik, Germany

From my point of view, compared to other CT software packages, ZEISS INSPECT is the leader in the measurement of freeform surfaces. (...) Elements that were previously unmeasurable can now be analyzed and measured in a simpler way.

Manager Testing System Development and Head of Quality Assurance at ZKW Lighting Systems
Bernhard Voglauer Manager Testing System Development, ZKW Lighting Systems, Austria

The focus on good, intuitive usability and optimal cooperation between hardware and software were major factors in our decision.

Group Manager of Measurement Technology Parts at Testo
Wilhelm Stehle Group Manager of Measurement Technology Parts at Testo SE & Co. KGaA, Germany

When we have to qualify new parts, we use computed tomography and ZEISS INSPECT for metrological evaluations of incoming plastic parts and, in some instances, also for pressure die-cast parts. We used to measure the parts with a CMM. It took us up to two days to measure 30 to 40 measuring points. Now takes only two to five hours to inspect the part with ZEISS INSPECT, and we obtain much more detailed information about the part.

Your advantages with ZEISS INSPECT


No matter which CT scanner you use: ZEISS INSPECT supports the analysis of all common X-ray file formats. This secures your investments.

Regular updates and further developments

Our clients are at the heart of our development work. All updates and further developments therefore help you directly in practice.

Worldwide support and service

No matter where, no matter when: we can support you online or in person. Our comprehensive service gives you full access to the regular optimizations of your ZEISS INSPECT software.

Get started now with ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray

Find the perfect introduction to ZEISS INSPECT for X-ray inspections. Whether a trial version, or a live demonstration – it’s up to you. Simply download the ZEISS Quality Suite in which you then install ZEISS INSPECT

Product demonstration

Experience ZEISS INSPECT live

Personal demo

In a live demo, you will experience the ZEISS INSPECT functions that are relevant to you. Our experts will present a case specifically for your application – if you like, even with your individual part.

What you can expect:

  • Advanced inspection capabilities and volume visualization
  • Volume defect test
  • User-defined functions
  • Automated processes and project templates
Trial version

Try out the software

14 days, free of charge in the ZEISS Quality Suite

Do you need a trial to help you decide? We offer you 14 days access to all ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray features. After the trial period expires, your license will automatically convert to the free basic version of the software.

Your trial license:

  • 14 days free of charge
  • No cancellation necessary
  • Full access to all functions
  • Access to the free basic software after the end of the trial period 
  • Accompanying training and services in the ZEISS Quality Suite

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  • Seamless workflows in one place
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