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Clinical challenges in dentistry

General treatment application image couresy: Dr. Claudia Cia Worschech, Sao Paolo, Brazil

General treatments

It is essential to quickly detect enamel and dentine fractures as well as approximal caries. Special attention should be as well devoted to the accurate assessment of crown edges, preparation levels and veneers.

Specialized treatment application image courtesy: Dr. José Aranguren Cangas, Madrid, Spain

Specialized treatments

During endodontic treatment it is essential to visualize fine anatomical structures and details of root canals and isthmuses and to see right down to the apex.

Reducing neck and back pain

Over 70% of dentists suffer musculoskeletal disorders due to awkward positioning and poor posture.1

Convincing patients from treatments

Explaining treatments and desired results to patients to ensure a thorough understanding of the benefits of the procedure is sometimes challenging.

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