Quality Assurance for Dental Products

Quality Assurance for Dental Products

Dental implant and orthodontic appliance manufacturers, are subject to strict industry standards and regulations. Manufacturers must ensure high quality regarding patient safety, reliability and effectiveness of the prostheses. The subsequent challenge is to maintain fine structures and tight tolerances, while ensuring fast cycle times and reliable measurement results.

ZEISS knows the quality requirements and offers hardware and software solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements:

Dental implants

Dental implants

Reliably measure small structures & tolerances in fast cycle times

  • Precision in manufacturing: Multisensor measuring machines cover high-precision measuring tasks and even sensitive surfaces can be measured non-contactly.
  • Material integrity: Using light and electron microscopes manufacturers can check the technical cleanliness, biocompatibility, durability and resistance to corrosion or wear to ensure the long-term success of implants.
  • Surface characteristics: The surface of the implant plays a significant role in osseointegration (fusion with the bone). Therefore, light microscopes are used to analyze topography and coatings.
Dental Plaster Models

Dental plaster models

Successful dental treatment planning

ATOS 3D digitizing system provides sound and reliable input when scanning plaster models for dental CAD/CAM process chains. In addition to scanning dental casts in 3D, ZEISS INSPECT software can be used to compute alignments, measurements and comparisons of shapes and dimensions for dental implants. CAD operations are designed with high-quality data, so that the implants can also be machined and set up with the necessary precision.

Orthodontic braces

Orthodontic braces

Creating smiles

Dental braces can be designed with a perfect fit and the progress of treatment can be measured objectively with 3D measurement technology or X-ray solutions. The resulting scan data is precise and data density can be reduced accurately to enable smooth and seamless integration in CAD software packages and rapid prototyping processes.

Application in action

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