Python Interface

More individual 3D inspection

Rerunning or adapting commands with Python

All ZEISS INSPECT software variants with a Pro license come with a command recorder that can capture all operations performed in the software and then save this recording as a Python script. This way, you can execute the commands repeatedly. By editing the recorded script, you can adapt it to other tasks. This includes recording recurring constructions and then executing them. You can edit or extend these command sequences by additional computations or dialogs.

Your advantages

In addition, ZEISS INSPECT offers fast and simplified data access for complex scientific computations using Python. Freely available Python libraries, such as NumPy, SciPy or Matplotlib, can be integrated into the software with an external Python interpreter.

  • Fast results with Python

    ZEISS INSPECT uses the scripting language Python. Python offers a clear, easy-to-learn language syntax and therefore fast results.

  • Automation of recurring tasks

    Scripts are immediately executable. For recurring tasks, simply save the commands in an ordinary text file.

Work even more efficiently with the parametric approach

Work even more efficiently with the parametric approach

Would you like to adapt your software even further to your needs? Due to its parametric kernel, ZEISS INSPECT automatically saves each individual inspection step: All work steps are traceable, repeatable and editable. There is no need to create a new measuring plan for another part from the series – with the parametric concept you simply load new measuring data into your project and get the results immediately.

Even more ZEISS INSPECT functions

We have clearly summarized the most popular functions of ZEISS INSPECT for you here:
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