The inspection software for blade geometries

ZEISS INSPECT will help you ensure that everything runs smoothly in terms of blade geometry. Whether in power supply, aircraft and shipbuilding, electrical appliances or the automotive industry – the software analyzes both optical and tactile measurement data from coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and is compatible with all common data formats. From design to quality control, the software supports you in the efficient analysis of your measurement data. You too can benefit from the customized analysis tools for blades and airfoils.

The highlights of ZEISS INSPECT for airfoil analyses

Turbines and blade wheels as well as the analysis of their geometry is an important topic in many industries. With specific analysis functions and useful 2D and 3D evaluation features, ZEISS INSPECT sets new standards in the visualization and evaluation of measurement data as well as in the resulting decisions – system-independent and regardless of whether measured with optical systems or your coordinate measuring machine.

New Feature

3D throat area

Unique on the market: digital analysis of the throat area. Use ZEISS INSPECT to determine the minimum three-dimensional area between two blades. This gives you the geometrically narrowest cross-section – regardless of whether it is a partial area or a closed channel.

Advanced Evaluation

Virtual balancing

A digital twin saves you valuable assembly time. Based on the digital 3D model, you define the ideal order of blades before assembly and thus prevent imbalances. ZEISS INSPECT supports you step by step.

Create your own functions

Create your own functions

Using Python interface and the command recorder, record all operations in the software, and save them as a script. You can edit and customize this code and get functions that will make your work easier.
Or make it easy on yourself and take a look at our apps: Here we have already implemented many functions that streamline your processes and reduce process fluctuations.

safe time and money
Basic parametric principle

Save time and money

Same series, new part? Thanks to the parametric kernel of ZEISS INSPECT, you do not need a new inspection plan. That’s because all inspection steps are saved in the background enabling you to use them over again, or adapt them to new circumstances, and create your measurement reports. Welcome to a new level of efficiency.

Suitable apps for your tasks
Industry-specific functions

Suitable apps for your tasks

Expand the range of functions of ZEISS INSPECT with suitable apps. In addition to an app for efficient blisk measurement, you will find many other applications that make your work even easier. Find all apps in the ZEISS Quality Suite.

A look into practice

  • Measuring and analyzing blisks

    If you measure and inspect a single blade of a blisk, ZEISS INSPECT allows you to efficiently repeat this process for any number of additional blades on the blisk.

  • Measuring and analyzing guide vanes

    A guide vane usually consists of a vane blade as well as a hub and a casing cover band. The complete inspection of a guide vane is also easily possible with ZEISS INSPECT.

  • Measuring and analyzing drums

    Drums consist of several blisks. These blisks are welded together to form a drum. With ZEISS INSPECT, you can also inspect complete drums.

Our services for you

In addition to the specialist applications of ZEISS INSPECT for airfoil analyses, we also offer other services to support you in your everyday work.

  • Open for all systems

    Open for all systems

    Whatever hardware you use to measure your airfoils and blades: ZEISS INSPECT supports all common file formats – both optical and tactile measurement data. This secures your investments

  • Regular updates and further developments

    Regular updates and further developments

    Our clients are at the heart of our development work. All updates and further developments therefore help you directly in practice. 

  • Worldwide support and service

    Worldwide support and service

    No matter where, no matter when: we can support you online or in person.  Our comprehensive service gives you full access to the regular optimizations for your ZEISS INSPECT software. 

Do you know the ZEISS Quality Suite?

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