MMZ1 table
Large CMM

ZEISS MMZ 1 table

Compact solution for large volume parts

ZEISS MMZ 1 table is suitable for large workpieces up to 5 tons and applications where accurate contact measurements are needed and where size, form and location measurements are evaluated with the highest accuracy – with the probe head ZEISS VAST XT gold.

  • Stable design for high performance
  • Safety laser scanners
  • Flexible and sustainable system 
  • Pneumatic vibration insulation – no foundation needed
Stable design for high performance

Stable design for high performance

Robust CMM with high accuracy

The design of ZEISS MMZ 1 table enables large material cross-sections and large bearing distances for high repeatability. Even large workpieces up to 5 t can be measured with a precision of 3,6 + L/250 µm.

The Y guideways of the granite are covered and closed by bellows, providing increased robustness against dust and dirt. Further sturdiness is achieved by the silicon carbide ram, which, in addition to improved temperature stability, leads to a reduction in scratches on the surface of the ram.

Due to its flat and clean surface, the CMM allows a clear view of the measurement volume. The table also has a user-friendly height and can be loaded from the front, back, side and top while ensuring smooth operation during the entire process.

ZEISS MMZ 1 table is available in two sizes: 20/30/15 and 20/40/15.

Pneumatic vibration insulation

Pneumatic vibration insulation

Due to the low load on the floor and the standard pneumatic vibration insulation, an expensive foundation is not needed, by still guaranteeing a workpiece load of 5 t.

Covered guideways

Covered guideways

The X and Y guideways are protected against contamination by bellow covers, leading to increased stability and less maintenance work on the guideways.

Silicon-carbide ram

Silicon-carbide ram

Improves temperature stability and provides a surface which prevents scratches and warping from heat sources, leading to higher accuracy and reduced service requirements thanks to higher CMM rigidity.

Balancing safety, flexibility and efficiency

Besides technical excellence of the components and the stable design of the machine, ZEISS MMZ 1 table is equipped with multiple user-friendly features to improve workflows and the user-experience.

Laser scanners for increased safety

Laser scanners for increased safety

Laser scanners monitor a protection zone around the CMM. If the safety zone is breached, the CMM immediately slows down to a safe speed.

ZEISS mass technology

ZEISS mass technology

Thanks to the ZEISS mass technology, ZEISS MMZ 1 table can be used with a variety of tactile probes, increasing flexibility for different measurement tasks.

ZEISS VAST navigator & performance package

CALYPSO VAST navigator & performance package

Enables even faster calibration, approach and scanning as well as improved precision, leading to faster measurements and higher performance. ZEISS VAST performance with the functions FlyScan and QuickChange ensures maximum productivity by shortening the travel path, resulting in time savings of up to 40 % and accelerating the automatic change out of measuring style by up to 60 %.

More sustainability in your measuring processes with ZEISS MMZ 1 table

At the heart of every machine’s lifecycle, energy consumption plays a pivotal role during the usage phase, significantly influencing the environmental footprint. ZEISS MMZ 1 table exemplifies efficient resource consumption, incorporating energy-saving features.

Sustainable Features

Reduces power consumption during downtimes and lowers the amount of needed energy in the system.
Automatically shuts off the compressed air of the air bearings after a defined time and thus minimizes air consumption when the CMM is not being used.
Intelligent energy management stores the energy from deceleration and transfers it into the next acceleration.

Technical Data


Large CMM in bridge type



Compatible probeheads

VAST XT gold
VAST gold


3,6 + L/250 µm

Max. workpiece weight

5 t 

Foundation needed

No, if the floor can carry the load



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