Quality Assurance of
Sheet Metal Parts


Along with increasing requirements for functionality and safety, the demand for high-quality sheet metal parts grows continuously. Besides, being able to develop and launch products in a shorter amount of time is considered a competitive advantage. Therefore, a fast and efficient measuring system checking the shapes and quality of the products is highly in need.


The automated solution from ZEISS, ATOS ScanBox, allows a fast and efficient inspection of sheet metal parts. Its non-contact measuring system can be used in the sheet metal forming process to guarantee consistent quality assurance from tool try-out and first article inspection up to production control during series production and assembly analysis. The ScanBox is delivered with the virtual measuring room (VMR) in ZEISS INSPECT for easy measurement planning and control. After the setup in the VMR, the ScanBox runs the measurement and inspection program automatically. Even reflecting sheet metal parts and sharp-edged features, such as laser trimming and hole patterns, can be measured precisely. The measurement results give an immediate feedback on the quality of the parts. Users can see the overall shape distortion and look at the trim deviation. The parametric ZEISS INSPECT software even supports multi-part scanning and trend analyses during production.


  • Automated solution

    ScanBox for fast and efficient inpsection

  • Easy handling

    Virtual measuring room for complete measuring procedure

  • High data quality

    Thanks to Triple Scan Technology and Blue Light Technology


3D scanner for the measurement of objects with complex geometries from small to medium size in manual, semiautomated or automated operation.

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