ZEISS Industrial Microscopy Solutions

Microscopy Solutions Capture the Essentials of Your Components

ZEISS Industrial Microscopy is known around the world for high-quality, high-performance microscopes, superior lenses and outstanding optical performance. ZEISS microscopy solutions offer a broad range of solutions for manufacturing and assembly applications, including electronics, automotive, semiconductor, medical equipment and additive manufacturing.

ZEISS microscope systems are simple to operate even for inexperienced users, with fully automated systems solutions that are user-independent and incredibly reliable. You’ll reduce your operating costs with more efficient sample throughput, freeing you up to concentrate on what you see while they generate highly precise, reproducible results.

Whether in production environments or the quality lab, take advantage of ZEISS’ wide variety of technologies:

  • Stereo and zoom microscopes inspect and measure the smallest details and provide information on color, morphology, structure, texture and dimensions.
  • Compound light microscopes meet the requirements of material characterization and failure analysis and cover a full range of applications from routine metallography to research-grade material examination.
  • Confocal microscopes provide non-contact surface characterization for roughness and topography analyses of soft and sensitive materials in the sub-micron range.
  • Scanning electron microscopes give you additional information on composition and the individual elements present.
  • X-ray microscopes non-destructively reveal a whole world inside your materials in 3D, 4D and high resolution.

Find out more about how ZEISS Industrial Microscopy can serve you. Our connected solutions portfolio enables you to optimize your workflow and increase your productivity while reducing complexity.

ZEISS Industrial Microscopy provides you with information in the micro to nano ranges. Learn about our extensive portfolio of microscope systems in our brochure, “Microscope and Measurement Systems for Quality Assurance and Quality Control.”