Thank you for your interest in ZEISS Industrial Microscopy Solutions

Microscopy Solutions that Provide Precise, Reproducible Results

You need high imaging quality, reliable results and instrument availability to stay competitive and meet customer demand. ZEISS Industrial Microscopy systems are the solution that integrates seamlessly into your challenge production schedule. With ZEISS you get thorough, comprehensive and reproducible insights and results you can trust.

Investigate metals, non-metals, composite materials, plastics and ceramics. Quantify structures and objects. Analyze microscopic images and document your findings. You have the advantage of ZEISS experience from the moment you select a microscope. You gain access to an extensive range of methods and systems for use in production, manufacturing and quality inspections, including:

  • Optical Inspection Systems
  • Digital Image Acquisition and Documentation
  • Automated Imaging Systems
  • Optical Metrology

ZEISS’ portfolio of stereo and zoom, compound light, confocal, scanning electron and X-ray microscopes can handle everything from analyzing the cleanliness or oils to detecting non-metallic inclusions. Download our brochure, “Microscope and Measurement Systems for Quality Assurance and Quality Control,” to find the right microscopy system for your quality needs.