Structural Casings Inspection

Structural Casings Inspection

A single optical measurement setup for multiple structural casings

Whether taking flight or heading a launch carrier for spaceships, structural casings in aero engines carry out multiple jobs. While they’re known for giving structure and rigidity to the engine under thrust, they also help direct air with guide vanes, protect from fire surges, and contain fragments in case of failures during flight. These highly intricate structures are situated throughout the engine from the compressor to the turbine, all the way to the exhaust. In an industry that demands high-level accuracy and quality assurance in the shortest time possible, these kinds of components need an all-in-one solution to inspect every type produced.

Constant pursuit of process optimization

Constant pursuit of process optimization

Striving for process optimization aero customers request for one system that measures everything from the casting, to the machined parts, and even complex fabrications. Using the ATOS ScanBox allows for rapid measurement of parts with high-resolution sensors equipped with a large field of view and customizable measurement options. These systems certifiable by NADCAP or certain ISO standards can even upgrade your existing operations by simplifying inspection processes at a faster rate and eliminating unnecessary steps and manpower. The ATOS ScanBox combines the best of automation and integration of powerful blue light technology to create a single setup, making the most out of your measurement room.

ATOS ScanBox

ATOS ScanBox

ATOS ScanBoxes provide a range of automated solutions due to the diversity of manufactured parts, so each system fulfils different needs. The ATOS ScanBox range is standard and scaled in sizes to meet your part size and throughput needs; from the smaller ATOS ScanBox 5108 for part sizes up to 800mm (ideal for small core engines, e.g. helicopters), to the ATOS ScanBox Series 6 for large, civil engines that allow single-side options and dual working areas—like the ATOS ScanBox 6235.

ATOS solutions provide

  • Comprehensive 3D data

    High-accuracy data from complete surface inspection

  • Faster scan times

    Measuring times that outpace traditional CMMs

  • Optimized processes

    Increased overall throughput and efficiency within processes

  • Maximized ROI

    Projected return on investment within two years


Casings and bearing structures typically start life as large castings with thousands of inspection requirements, often taking several hours using conventional tactile methods. It’s no surprise; the parts have thousands of features with complex geometries that require accuracy and precision. CMMs face the challenge of measuring freeform profile surfaces. This leaves aerospace manufacturers searching for a way to measure these large, complex structures all while meeting the industry’s exacting demands and fulfilling order backlogs.

  • Please note that the products shown are now part of the ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions portfolio and have been updated with new housing.

The solution

ATOS technology is perfect for checking product quality, particularly with castings and their profile tolerances. Its powerful 3D optical measurement capabilities and data acquisition enable maximized surface inspection while collecting information to uncover surface defects which can be a product of the casting process. With the ATOS ScanBox 6235, castings up to 5,000kg and 3.5m wide can be measured in 0.2 seconds per scan (using the ATOS 5). Whether it’s the ATOS 5X with its laser light compressor and robust precision or the ATOS ScanBox equipped with heavy loading capacity and two working areas, ZEISS provides the systems to achieve complete optimization and production efficiency within your casting processes.

  • Improved casting processes

    Casting optimization for maximum productivity

  • Actionable results

    Full-field data available for manufacture improvements

  • Unique software functionalities

    Virtual assembly tools to resolve typical casting problems

  • Shortened production time

    High-speed inspection in as little as 20 minutes

  • Real-time feedback

    Feedback of material conditions to the manufacturing process

  • Digital twin

    Digital 3D copy of the actual part


In machining within aerospace, as in many other industries, tolerances are tight, scrap is kept to a minimum, and creating a repeatable process striving for continuous optimization in the production process is the goal for any manufacturer. Adding in complex designs for casings and the need for increased throughput present manufacturers with even more of a challenge: The more time it takes to machine each component, the more productivity and money is lost. To meet market demands optical metrology, or a combination of systems, will drive efficiency and throughput whilst producing high accuracy and precision.


One setup for speed and process optimization

Strengths of the ATOS systems are the acquisition of full-field data and fast measurement times which allow aerospace companies to measure more than 80% of the product in a fraction of the time. The result? A significant contribution to the production process even when combining your current operations with ATOS solutions.

ZEISS solutions are extremely fast, taking hours of measurements with traditional techniques to just minutes. In that time, ATOS measures more of the part, removing unnecessary steps in the inspection process like mold and profile checks for radii, or intricate scans with probes. 

Higher throughput is achieved in the ATOS ScanBox 6235. Built with two working areas, one side of the machine can be prepared (loaded/unloaded) whilst the other side is measuring, making sure the ATOS sensor is continually measuring. From the most complex casing designs to tight tolerances, ATOS systems use high-quality data and high-speed scanning to make machining easier, and more profitable for every company.

  • Straightforward programming

    Smart teach for ease of programming

  • One stop solution

    All-in-one system to minimize unnecessary steps

  • Maximized shop floor

    Optimization of measurement space

  • Speed & precision

    High-speed and high-accurate results

  • Increased throughput

    Overall increased production in machining processes

  • Verified accuracy

    Digital 3D copy of the actual part

Structural casing inspection software


One of the final stages of producing aerospace casings is through complex fabrication of machined components. In order to maximize an aircraft’s safety and performance, the fabrication process must be executed with extreme precision and accuracy every time. Because of the variety and intricacy of welds due to their form and position 3D data as given through optical metrology is a strong complement to other techniques to ensure joints are accurately manufactured and the process is repeatable and reliable. Manufacturers have struggled to find a 3D scanner that acts as an all-in-one solution to accurately scan multiple components from every angle, quickly and efficiently, until now.

The solution

Due to their size, complexity, and ability to rapidly measure multiple, large parts simultaneously all over ATOS systems meet many requirements in the fabrication process. Single inspection setups come standard with ZEISS solutions, while tactile methods normally require the part to be turned during the measurement cycle to get access from both sides. With the ATOS ScanBox, the structural part can be positioned in the middle of the working area, providing measurement data both above and below the product.

Customers need to get the most out of ATOS’s small inspection cycles. Fortunately the scalable solutions provided through ATOS ScanBoxes address all your fabrication needs with speed and efficiency.

ATOS ScanBoxes have varying strengths whether it’s producing higher throughput, specializing in small part inspection, or simultaneous scanning of multiple parts. What unites them as perfect ZEISS solutions? They optimize productivity and increase profitability for fabrication inspection processes.

  • Multi-purpose data

    Versatile 3D data for inspection and material thickness verification

  • Simplified processes

    Streamlined fabrication processes for maximum efficiency

  • Virtual assembly

    Product development and tool try out with software feature

  • Detailed insights

    Information on trend analysis and statistical process control (SPC)

  • 3D Data analytics

    Complete analysis measurements for weld form and position inspection

  • Maximized shop floor

    Optimization of measurement and inspection rooms

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