CNC Machining / Adaptive Machining

Optical metrology for CNC machining and adaptive machining

With its back projection function, the ATOS 3D sensor projects features such as isolines and punch marks straight from the software onto the real part. As a result, the conventional marking of heavy cast blanks is no longer needed. Efficient part alignment for CNC machining can be achieved. In addition, 3D measuring data provides the basis for adaptive manufacturing processes like adaptive machining.


  • Part positioning for CNC machining (live tracking)
  • Projection of isolines and punch marks (optical marking)
  • Allowance control and adaptive machining


The ARAMIS or PONTOS Live systems perform real-time measurements of the part position via full-field or point-based tracking. This allows for precise alignment on CNC machining tools or pallets. The ATOS system measures the actual geometry of the blank, which ensures sufficient machining allowance in production and replaces traditional marking. The milling path is optimized based on the created measuring data.