Mold Making / Core Making

Mold Making / Core Making

Inspection of molds and cores for part quality assurance

Measurements of molds and cores, for example made of sand or ceramics, ensure the process quality. The mold and core measurement data from the ZEISS ATOS system enables virtual assembly analysis of mold halves and cores, which is used to inspect parting surfaces for offset, mold half fit and form as well as core clearance. In investment casting, the wall thickness of the ceramic mold can be inspected to estimate its quality and the formation of burrs.


  • Fitting of mold halves
  • Analysis of core allowance and core prints
  • Virtual assembly/die spotting
  • Inspection of molds and cores


3D data reduces rework time thanks to improved part quality. Furthermore, optical metrology secures wall thickness and cooling structures, e.g. water cooling jackets and cooling ducts. 3D measuring data provides information for root cause analysis to avoid defects and cracks in ceramic cores during wax molding. The check of cores and sand molds serves for wear control and analysis of pattern plates and tools.