Inspection and validation of simulations
ZEISS Plastic Solutions

Validate simulations

CAE development of injection molded parts and tools with real measuring data

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) with real measuring data

In the simulation, mold filling, sprue, holding pressure, acclimation and filling time of the injection-molded part are calculated and visualized. The aim is to avoid errors and optimize material usage, cycle time and machine size by predicting the process parameters and material behavior.

ZEISS provides innovative solutions to improve and verify the simulation model: Use measurement methods from ZEISS to incorporate measuring data of material properties into your simulation. Digitize real part geometries with ZEISS measuring systems, compare the actual geometries of plastic parts with numerically simulated component data, optimize your tools and summarize your analysis results in clear reports.

Fields of application

ZEISS measuring solutions support you in this

  • Gain information on the material properties of components and the boundary conditions of test setups
  • Limit warpage, shrinkage and material thickness
  • Prepare simulation data of the mesh
  • Mesh processing (refining, filling holes, repairing, etc.)
  • Comparison of simulated and real plastic components
  • Validation of injection molding simulations


        Better products, brought to market faster

        Real measuring data supports the selection of materials, the assessment of tools and the optimization of process parameters. The validation of FEM simulations is used to build up knowledge and increase the reliability of numerical simulations. The trend analysis based on simulated parameters provides decision-making certainty for the further process by finding the best mesh.