ViScan - Spotlight on two dimensions


Spotlight on two dimensions

The use of optical sensors is indispensable for highly complex specimens - this is where the ZEISS ViScan optical 2D image sensor comes into its own.

  • Flexible measurement in all spatial directions
  • Optimal for small or 2D geometries
  • Reliable auto-focus for depth measurement
  • ZEISS ViScan
  • ZEISS ViScan
  • ZEISS ViScan
  • Measurement by image processing
  • Camera sensor is particularly suitable for touch-sensitive surfaces
  • Measurement of parts with very small or two-dimensional geometries and/or soft materials


Performing optical measurements

The hallmark of ZEISS ViScan is its flexibility in all aspects: combined with RDS, it permits measurements in all spatial directions without rechucking the part. Different lenses are also available.

ZEISS ViScan is particularly well-suited for the measurement of parts with very small or two-dimensional geometries and/or soft materials such as sheet metal, rubber or plastic parts. Difficult measurements can also be performed on low-contrast test pieces such as punched components or printed circuit boards using the optional, mobile transmitted light stages with LED illumination.

The working distance is practically independent of the lens used, thus allowing the measurement of deep features. In addition to the measurement in the image, the auto-focus system also permits measurements perpendicular to the camera plane.

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