Duplex system for ZEISS DuraMax

ZEISS not only designs and develops measuring systems for quality assurance. ZEISS also gives you the confidence of knowing you have a reliable partner at your side. Whether for software solutions, fixtures, loading systems, accessories, reporting or integration into automated production lines. ZEISS is your one-stop shop for getting the most out of your measuring and testing systems.

  • Higher throughput on your CMM
  • Two pallet spaces
  • Set up and mount/dismount in parallel with measuring


Duplex system for ZEISS DuraMax

  • ZEISS DuraMax
  • ZEISS Team

    An interdisciplinary team of ZEISS experts takes individual components to develop acustomized, comprehensive solution just for you. Joint project planning and application know-how make it possible to efficiently optimize workpiece loading with the ZEISS DuraMax shopfloor measuring machine.

  • ZEISS Inspection and Measuring System

    The particularly robust design of the ZEISS DuraMax shopfloor measuring machine means, it is well-suited for use in the production environment. Enjoy a maximum measuring range with a minimal footprint, since only a small amount of space is necessary. This system simply brushes off any temperature fluctuations, dust and dirt it encounters over the course of the day (temperature stable from 18° through 40 °C). The CMM has an integrated passive damping system, completely covered guideways and can be loaded from four sides. No compressed air is required. Equipped with the VAST XXT scanning sensor from ZEISS, the machine can even be used to capture contours and freeform surfaces. Single-point measurements and scanning are also possible.

  • ZEISS Engineering

    ZEISS Engineering encompasses process automation and component handling more generally. The ZEISS duplex system for the ZEISS DuraMax increases machine availability, because the parts to be inspected are clamped and removed during the measuring process. Moreover, the system improves ergonomics for part handling and prevents damage to the measuring sensor technology. In addition to easy access for loading, clamping, unclamping and removing workpieces, you also significantly optimize throughput.

  • ZEISS Software, IT Integration and Programming

    In addition to ZEISS CALYPSO, you receive a perfectly matched software package. ZEISS PiWeb assists with the quick display and assessment of measurement values using graphical and statistical evaluations. ZEISS FACS is your editable automation program. All it takes to operate the software is a few clicks.

  • ZEISS Accessories and Services

    The ZEISS stylus system changer rack makes it possible to switch the stylus and sensor systems on the CMM during the measurement run. This enables you to perform a wide range of measuring jobs – without reclamping or moving to a different measuring station. ZEISS fixtures composed of clamping systems for securely positioning workpieces and the duplex system for simultaneous clamping and unclamping during the measurement run ensure efficient, ergonomic and safe work.

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