ZEISS inline measurement technology

ZEISS Inline Measurement Technology

Integrated solutions for greater productivity and efficiency

Systematic quality assurance in car body construction

The world of manufacturing is changing: Due to the fast transformation in the manufacturing world – the electrification of the automotive industry and the realization of smart factories – more and more body shops are asking for fully integrated metrology systems in their lines. The digital transformation of inline metrology reduces the workload on measuring rooms while significantly increasing the number of measured parts. Production is therefore able to identify quality problems directly at the point of origin and proactively control the production process. The absolute measuring inline solutions from ZEISS work correlation-free and provide reliable and meaningful measurement data for series monitoring.

Metrology Goes Inline

Inline measurement of individual parts and complete car bodies

  • Metrology Goes Inline ​
  • Messtechnik im Karosseriebau
  • Process monitoring and traceable metrology in the production line

    ZEISS AICell trace measures very complex features and important functional dimensions on assemblies and car bodies in real time. The correlation-free and metrologically traceable inline measuring system delivers reliable measurement results from the very first part.

  • Measurement technology in car body construction

    Thanks to the complete inspection of relevant geometries at all stages of production, employees can intervene directly and thus enable efficient process sequences. Customers receive the highest level of quality without having to interrupt their production.

Smart Process Control

Quality control loops across trades as the basis for the smart factory



Geometric process monitoring

ZEISS AICell with the ZEISS AIMax sensor is a tool for 100% process monitoring that enables production adjustments to be made before deviations occur. ZEISS AIMax combines three measuring principles: Multi-line triangulation, gray-value image processing and the patented shadow evaluation, especially for pin and bolt measurements.

ZEISS AICell flush & gap

ZEISS AICell surface

Automated surface inspection

ZEISS AICell surface with the ZEISS ABIS III sensor is the optimum solution for fully automated surface inspection in modern press shops and in future-oriented body shops. Depending on the requirements, the automated measurement of gap and flush can be combined with ZEISS AIMax twin in one cell.

ZEISS AICell surface

ZEISS AICell flush & gap

Cross-trade recording of gap & flush

With ZEISS AICell flush & gap, quality improvement is achieved by identifying process impacts in the production process. The ZEISS AIMax twin sensor measures geometric gap and flush dimensions on metallic and painted surfaces. ZEISS AIMax twin UV also inspects non-cooperative and transparent surfaces such as glass or plastic.

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