ZEISS AIMax twin & ZEISS AIMax twin UV
Inline measurement technology

ZEISS AIMax twin & ZEISS AIMax twin UV

100% detection of gaps and flushes

The double-head sensors inspect gap and flush values on every vehicle produced in the production line. ZEISS AIMax twin measures geometric gap and flush dimensions on metallic and painted surfaces. ZEISS AIMax twin UV also enables the reliable inspection of gap and flush on non-cooperative and transparent surfaces such as glass or plastic. The continuous control of all necessary gaps and flush fits - from the overall body to the finished vehicle - guarantees that the parts fit together perfectly.

  • Short control loops thanks to automated detection
  • Measurement of geometric gaps on metallic, painted, non-cooperative and transparent surfaces
  • Inline inspection guarantees optimum fitting accuracy of the installed parts
Significance of gap & flush for the automotive industry

Significance of gap & flush for the automotive industry

The early detection of gaps and flushness is intended to prevent subsequent, very time-consuming and cost-intensive reworking. The cross-trade inline functional inspections not only guarantee a perfect optical appearance, but also ensure the tightness of the vehicle and correct door closing forces. This has an impact on the customer's subsequent driving experience in terms of driving and wind noise.

ZEISS AIMax twin

ZEISS AIMax twin

ZEISS AIMax twin can - thanks to the double-head sensor technology - capture and evaluate the gap geometrically from two directions by looking directly into it. The result: an even more precise inspection with more data and information that can be fed back into the process.

ZEISS AIMax twin


A large number of gaps and flush lines on the vehicle are located in relevant visual zones and are often created by adjacent parts with various surface materials such as glass, plastic, chrome and rubber seals. As a result, the inspection of customer-relevant gap and flush values is becoming increasingly important. The ZEISS AIMax twin UV is used for measuring and inspection on various non-cooperative materials.

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