Assembly and load testing of plastic parts
ZEISS Plastic Solutions

Assembly and Load Testing of Pastic Parts

Measurement solutions for virtual assembly, performance and crash tests

More component knowledge with precise measurement data

Defects in the plastic part can affect the accuracy of fit during assembly. This is why assembly situations must be analyzed as early as the product development stage. This is very time-consuming - especially if the individual components are developed and produced at different locations. In addition, the product life and durability of individual plastic parts or assemblies must be examined on test benches. ZEISS has the ideal measurement solutions for both challenges.

Virtual assembly of components

Virtual assembly of components

Reduce scrap and effort

ZEISS analysis software enables virtual assembly using digital twins. You can virtually examine the alignment and positioning of the components in relation to each other, and check deformation and gap sizes. This ensures that the ideal virtual alignment is transferred to the real world; potential assembly problems can be identified early. The plastic parts are digitized using 3D scanners or computer tomographs from ZEISS.

Load tests

Load tests

Non-contact measurement, full-field and point-based

Optical 3D measuring systems provide precise 3D coordinates for statically or dynamically loaded samples and components, enabling the determination of 3D displacements, velocities, accelerations and strains as well as 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) measurements. The measurement data provides both point-based and full-field analysis options.

Assembly analysis in product development

Assembly analysis in product development

Example: Accuracy of fit of a plastic screw cap

With CT systems and analysis software from ZEISS, non-destructive testing of the fitting accuracy of the cap and bottle is possible. The measurement process is fast and analysis is simplified by a differentiated color plot.

Fields of application

ZEISS measurement solutions support you in this

  • Virtual assembly
  • Flush and gap analysis
  • Deformation analysis
  • Dynamic fatique tests and crash tests


        Reliable, high-quality products

        3D data enables fast assembly analysis for prototypes, meisterbock and cubing as well as for series production. Thermal and mechanical testing of the part for functionality, safety, durability and aesthetics serves to optimize the choice of materials and component design. As the measuring systems are easy to handle and require less set-up time, conventional fixtures are being replaced.