Series inspection of plastic parts during production

Series inspection of plastic parts during production

High throughput, optimum inspection results

Efficient quality control in the production and manufacturing process

Plastic parts are becoming increasingly complex, but still need to be produced quickly and with minimal scrap. At the same time, the demand for a perfect design, a pleasant feel and an exact fit of the plastic parts is increasing, which can only be achieved through small manufacturing tolerances. In order to meet these requirements, manufacturers of plastic parts must integrate efficient inspection processes into their series production.

ZEISS is the right partner for this: Our 3D scanning systems enable quality control during series production and automatically provide surface deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data in the shortest possible time - fully automated and with robot loading if required. Deep holes, undercuts and deep-drawn edges are also reliably inspected. You get precise and traceable results with high throughput. Our coordinate measuring technology and CT technology can also be integrated directly into the production process.

Fields of application

ZEISS measurement solutions support you in this

  • Automated quality control, also internal features of parts with CT technology, completely non-destructive
  • Inspection reports at the production plant
  • Trend analysis in real time (cause and progression)
  • Statistical analysis and export (Cp/Cpk/Pp/Ppk/Min/Max/Avg/Sigma)


Less scrap and rework

Turn-key measuring cells are location-flexible. They can be used directly in production and deliver fast measuring results. The automated measuring cells with integrated operational safety are ready for use in a short time and can be operated by production employees. Programming, including the kinematics of the robot paths and inspection planning, can be realized offline in the virtual measuring room (VMR) on the CAD. The measuring cell remains productive in the meantime.

Efficient production control through customized solutions

Tools for inspecting plastic parts

Webinar Recording

Find out more about digital assembly, virtual clamping (measuring without fixtures), GD&T inspection, PMI import and trend analysis for single and multi-component tools and much more.

Automation of CMMs

Automation of CMMs

ZEISS Integration Series

Increase your productivity with an ideal automation solution for your CMM. Choose a standard product or an individual solution that is perfectly tailored to your processes.

Quality assurance by scanner - ATOS Q

Quality assurance by scanner


Get to know the ATOS Q optical 3D scanning system, which provides full-field measuring data of plastic parts in a short time. Also available as a fully automated solution, integrated into a mobile measuring cell with robot.

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