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International Natural Resources User Group Meeting

in Granada, Spain

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Program Highlights

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd International Natural Resources User Group Meeting will take place in April 2023 in Granada, Spain.

This User Group Meeting is a live two-day meeting with a full program of technical presentations, social events, and networking. A varied program of informative and practical presentations from our global users and technical experts from industry and research awaits you on-site in this beautiful setting.

Attendees will have the opportunity to share with other users during a series of interactive sessions, and will also get a preview of technological advances. One of our goals is the exchange of ideas and experiences with the community, so there will be time for Q&A as well as panel discussions, and opportunities for networking over dinner.

In addition to the meeting, we have prepared a few highlights you can look forward to:

  • Cultural event
  • Network Dinner


Meet us in Granada, Spain


At this place the User Group Meeting will take place in Granada:


CIC Centro de Instrumentación Científica
Campus Universitario de Fuentenueva
Paseo Prof. Juan Ossorio, s/n
18003 Granada

Submit your abstract

The User Group thrives on interesting discussions of actual experiences and exchanges with the participants. We would be delighted to offer you time for a short presentation to share results of your research or insights with the user community. We have a limited number of opportunities over the course of our two-day conference, so be certain to submit your abstract as soon as possible. Feel free to submit your abstract with your registration, or you may follow-up at a later time with your abstract. Starting with the official registration period, the possibility to submit an abstract opens.

  • Talks will be 15 minutes long, with a 5-minute Q&A session following
  • Presentations will be shared with the speakers permission

Feel free to check out a number of presentation topics from our last User Group Meeting:

  • Using microscopy to understand microstructures and magnetism in meteorites
  • Accessory minerals in mineralized systems: automated quantitative mineralogy
  • Assessing the benefits of a 3D approach to diffusion chronometry
  • Mineral-specific element mapping
  • What's New in Mineralogic  
  • Automated Mineralogical and Chemical Analysis for Hyperspectral Datasets
  • Are mafic rocks a source of base metals in the Central African Copperbelt?
  • Determination and distribution of REE and U-Th mineralization in mineral processing concentrates
  • Applying laboratory diffraction contrast tomography to minerals in volcanic rocks
  • Mind the gap: tackling the nanopaleomagnetism microscopy challenge
  • The thin-section scanning experience by Solintec
  • Multi-scale chemical analysis of Galapagos Gabbros
  • Chemical Maps Workshop
  • Investigating the impact of terrestrial sedimentation on Palaeozoic reef organisms
  • PetCAT-Scan: A new tool for quantitative petrography in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
  • Imaging the 'Goldilocks zone' for porphyry copper fertility
  • Teaching Petrology using thin-section images from the Axioscan and Zen Data Storage
  • A multi-scale, multi-technique workflow for solving the enigma of deep-Earth electrical conductivity
  • Bursting bubbles: Investigating magma Ascent Dynamics with correlative microscopy
  • Gas Dynamics in Porous Rock at Pore Scale Determined by X-ray Computed Micro-Tomography
  • From optical to ion, correlative microscopy of a meteorite impact
  • The Winchcombe meteorite - petrology and chemistry at the micro-to-nanoscale
  • Petrological response and insights from the 2021 eruption of Cumbre Vieja
  • Analysis of Fe-Mn crusts – a potential resource and a record of the Earth’s orbital variation
  • Mineralogic 3D - How is it possible?  
  • Using Zeiss Mineralogic to Quantify Pressure-Temperature-Time histories: a Himalayan example
  • Microscopic approach to the understanding of ultradeep crustal melting, diamond formation and carbon
  • Mineralogic 3D - Particle analysis and Petrology in the 3rd Dimension
  • Polychromatic Polarization Microscopy for the Earth Sciences The presentation will focus on some geological applications

Register now for this year's Natural Resource User Group Meeting

19 - 20 April 2023, Granada, Spain


Registration is open until 8th of April

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Get some insights from our User Group Meeting last year

  • The Winchcombe meteorite - petrology and chemistry at the micro-to-nanoscale

    Luke Daly (University of Glasgow) and Martin Suttle (Open University)

  • Petrological response and insights from the 2021 eruption of Cumbre Vieja

    Matt Pankhurst

  • The thin-section scanning experience by Solintec

    Leonardo Halfen (Geologist at Solintec)