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LSM User Meeting

Confocal Imaging and Beyond

ZEISS Forum, Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22, 73447 Oberkochen

Confocal imaging systems and related technologies

Technological development never stops. Confocal imaging systems became one of the standard tools in life science research. We are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming LSM User Meeting at the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe on January 31, 2024. This event promises to be an enlightening day of knowledge-sharing, discussions, and hands-on experiences with cutting-edge microscopy technology.

Why Attend:

  • Expert Talks: Engage with leading experts in the field who will share their knowledge and insights on the latest advancements in microscopy technology.
  • System Demonstrations: Witness live demonstrations of the new features and upgrades, gaining a first-hand understanding of their capabilities and benefits.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow researchers and professionals in the microscopy community, fostering collaborations and expanding your network.

Key Learnings

  • Confocal Imaging and Airyscan Technology: Immerse yourself in the world of confocal imaging and Airyscan technology. Gain a comprehensive understanding of their principles, capabilities, and applications.
  • Molecular Dynamics Analysis: Explore the new Dynamics Profiler software module for Airyscan and discover how it empowers the analysis of molecular dynamics. See firsthand how this technology opens new avenues in understanding complex biological processes.
  • LSM-Based Super Resolution Imaging: Stay updated with the latest developments in LSM based super resolution imaging. Learn how these advancements are pushing the boundaries of resolution and enabling breakthrough discoveries.
  • AI-Based Image Analysis and 3D Visualization: Experience the power of modern software solutions that leverage artificial intelligence for image analysis and enable immersive 3D visualization. See how these tools can unlock deeper insights from your microscopy data.


  • ZEISS Forum - Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22, 73447 Oberkochen

    12 PM

    Registration & Lunch

    1 PM

    Stefan Groß, CEO ZEISS Microscopy Deutschland

    1.20 PM

    Exploring the jungle of 3D imaging techniques
    Sven Poppelreuther, ZEISS

    1.50 PM

    The right microscope for each application – connected microscopy in imaging facilities
    Dr. Ireen König, DZNE Bonn, Light Microscope Facility

    2.20 PM

    What´s new - Upgrades and applications
    Angnes von Keller, ZEISS

    2.40 PM

    Coffee break

    3.25 PM

    Adding a new dimension to your microscopy experiments
    Annette Bergter, ZEISS

    3.45 PM

    Fluorescence Fluctuation Microscopy to assess the biophysics of macro-molecular condensates in living cells
    Dr. Peter Hemmerich, PhD, Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz-Lipmann-Institut e.V. (FLI), Jena

    4.15 PM

    Get the best out of your system - Service & maintenance
    Michael Otzen, ZEISS

    4.35 PM

    Coffee break

    5.20 PM

    The potential of image analysis and automation
    Marion Lang, ZEISS

    5.50 PM

    Why live cell imaging needs constant progress
    Horst Wolff, ZEISS

    6.45 PM

    Joint dinner at ZEISS Forum

  • ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe | Rudolf-Eber-Straße 2 | 73447 Oberkochen

    8.45 AM


    9 AM

    System demonstration 1

    10 AM

    System demonstration 2

    11 AM

    Coffee break

    11.15 AM

    System demonstration 3

    12.15 PM

    System demonstration 4

    1.15 PM


    2 PM

    System demonstration 5

    3 PM

    System demonstration 6

    4 PM

    End of day 2

  • ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe | Rudolf-Eber-Straße 2 | 73447 Oberkochen


    Reproducable multi-lable imaging

    Follow the dynamics of life

    How to maintain optimal LSM performance

    Automated multimodal imaging

    Flexible volumetric imaging

    When optical sectioning, speed and gentleness matters

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ZEISS Forum Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22 73447 Oberkochen Germany

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