ZEISS Mineralogic

takes automated mineralogy on the scanning electron microscope (SEM) to the next level.

The combination of quantitative geochemical measurements alongside rapid, large-area mapping provides a unique geochemistry and petrology solution. Mineralogic goes a step further with new flexible outputs of quantitative geochemical data. This allows the user to decide how and where to interrogate their samples, both within the user-friendly Mineralogic interface and with streamlined workflows into third-party software.

  • Maximum flexibility from the start
  • The power of quantitative geochemistry
  • Flexible data visualization
  • Export images and data with ease

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Quantitative geochemical mapping and petrological analysis

For more information on data processing at ZEISS, please refer to our data privacy notice.

  • Mineralogic offers flexibility in the visualization and export of geochemical data stored in the software database.

    Find sample images of scanned thin sections in the application note linked above

  • The LPV allows visualization of large datasets, including thin sections, with stitched images and data. Individual pixels can be interrogated instantly for geochemical measurements and mineral classification.

  • Have a look at the functions ZEISS Mineralogic offers to you and how you can easily select a specific element you want to highlight in your sample

  • Exported data from Mineralogic is designed to provide all your geochemical data with maximum flexibility. Find how the software will show your samples in element heatmaps imported in XMapTools. 

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