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ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Metallography research
Multi-modal characterization and advanced analysis options for industry and research

Multi-modal characterization & advanced analysis options

For industry and research

Learn how ZEISS can help you advance metals with a full multiscale portfolio of light, electron, X-ray and ion beam microscopes for routine and research applications.

Rapid Sample Preparation for EBSD-analysis

Rapid Sample Preparation

for EBSD-analysis
enabled by the LaserFIB

Read here how the new femtosecond laser for ZEISS Crossbeam is used to rapidly prepare cross-sections in sheets of different metals and EBSD is performed on the laser-polished surfaces.

Enabling Premium 3D Crystallographic Imaging

Premium 3D Crystallographic Imaging

in Your Laboratory Laboratory-based Diffraction Contrast Tomography

Learn more about the latest capabilities of laboratory-based DCT on 3D X-ray imaging systems, and new research and 3D characterization capabilities this enables.

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