Improve Success Rates for Packaging Failure Analysis

with 3D X-ray Microscopy

While investigating the root cause of defects in semiconductor advanced packages, 3D XRM can help you…

  • Reduce mechanical sample preparation and cross sectioning
  • Preserve sample integrity and avoid introducing sample preparation artifacts
  • Visualize defect structures and failure types
  • Develop a plan for subsequent physical failure analysis workflows

Non-destructive 3D Imaging

ZEISS 3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) enables non-destructive high-resolution visualization of embedded defects without altering sample and defect structures. This solution is seamlessly integrated into standard failure analysis (FA) workflows for root cause determination because it improves the efficiency of following physical FA.

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Breakthrough Resolution with Cutting-edge Imaging Technology

Advanced packaging techniques such as heterogeneous integration and chiplets are used in larger package platforms, pushing the resolution limit of traditional microCT systems.

ZEISS X-ray microscopy extends the frontiers of submicron-resolution 3D imaging and analysis techniques, enabling unprecedented 450 nm spatial resolution to image 3D interconnects, redistribution layers (RDLs), through silicon vias (TSVs), embedded bridges, hybrid bonds, solder bumps, and more. 

Superior Contrast across Diverse Materials

Diverse materials such as polymers, resins, adhesives, thermal interface materials, as well as metal wires, traces and solder can be difficult to visualize due to their low contrast.

ZEISS X-ray microscopes unique architecture design employs advanced scintillator coupled optics, providing superior contrast to enable visualization of these materials.

Award-winning AI-powered Reconstruction for High-throughput Imaging

Some of the fundamental challenges in X-ray imaging such as high resolution at fast acquisition time and high-resolution at large fields of view (FOV) are now being addressed with innovative AI-based technologies.
  • Deep learning-based reconstruction technique, ZEISS DeepRecon Pro delivers 4X faster scan times and improved image quality.
  • ZEISS DeepScout enables high-resolution recovery at large FOV, significantly reducing the numerous long scans required to cover the entire FOV.

Integrated User-centric Interface for Effortless Scan Set up

Simplify and optimize X-ray scan set ups with ZEISS NavX XRM user interface, which

  • Guides users through embedded workflows with system intelligence
  • Delivers results easily and efficiently for novice users and allows experienced users to explore full system versatility
  • Enables optimized scans for all users with on-screen guidance
  • Enhances data management and archiving with automated file transfer utility (FTU)

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