Light Microscopy

Crash Course ZEN (blue edition)

Acquisition and processing of microscopical images are essential tools in modern microscopy. ZEN assist you with intuitive tools and modules no matter what microscopy task you have.

Course Details


The course’ objectives are to provide an overview and recap of selected, important functions in ZEN (blue edition). The content can be tailored to your needs and daily demands and will adapt to your questions. Generally, the course aims to make your life with ZEN (blue edition) easier and improve your knowledge on how to do what and where to find what you need.

Topics of the course

  • How does the MTB work?
  • Locate tab for Widefield and LSM
  • Acquisition tab: quickly get to a good image
  • Smart setup
  • Multidimensional image acquisition
  • Overview to tiles
  • Overview to focus strategies
  • Image processing
  • Image analysis

Learning Level



Practical experience with ZEN (blue edition)


Customer system or ZEISS system if needed


ZEN (blue edition)


October 13, 2022
Registration until 2 weeks prior to the course


1 day (8 hours)
Course takes place in the European timezone (CET/CEST)


Virtual classroom
(Required: reliable internet connection; computer speakers, headphones or a reliable telephone connection; Microsoft Teams and/or TeamViewer)



Course Fee

Per person: 360 € (plus VAT)


Max. 5

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