Light Microscopy

Microscopy from the very Beginning

The light microscope is one of the essential tools in many fields of modern medicine, biological research and materials sciences. Yet even the best microscope is unable to generate the best images, nor live up to its true capabilities, unless it is set correctly.

Course Details


You will learn about the most important microscopy methods, such as Köhler illumination, bright and dark field, as well as phase contrast. This will enable you to expertly decide which method fits to your application. A perfect blend of solid theory and extensive hands-on exercises, this training is a highly recommended start for all light microscopy users.

Topics of the course

  • The microscope: Components, light path, functioning and operation, care and maintenance
  • Köhler illumination and light sources
  • Contrasting methods: bright and dark field, phase contrast
  • Types of objectives
  • Key light microscopical applications in practice

You are welcome to bring your own readily prepared samples along.

Learning Level





Axiolab 5 (+Mat)
Axioscope 5, (+Mat)
Axio Vert.A1 (+Mat)
Axio Imager.D2 / M2 / Z2 (+m)
Axio Observer 7
Stemi 305 / 508
SteREO Discovery.V8




November 22 to 23, 2022
Registration until 2 weeks prior to the course


2 days (2 x 6 hours)
Course takes place in the European timezone (CET/CEST)


Virtual classroom
(Required: reliable internet connection; computer speakers, headphones or a reliable telephone connection; Microsoft Teams and/or TeamViewer)



Course Fee

Per person: 756 € (plus VAT)


Max. 8

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