Light Microscopy

From Live Imaging to Cleared Samples

@ Lightsheet 7

Life sciences research can put big demands on your imaging capability. It sometimes requires imaging of whole living model organisms, tissues and cells as they develop. Light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) with its unique illumination principle is ideal for fast and gentle imaging of such specimens.

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It enables the observation of living samples over extended periods of time — even days — with less phototoxicity than ever before. What’s more, you can employ this technique to image very large optically cleared specimens in toto, and with subcellular resolution. This course provides detailled knowledge about LSFM and lots of hands-on @ Lightsheet 7.

Topics of the course

  • Beam path and theory Lightsheet 7
  • Sample preparation
  • Overview and assembly of sample holders
  • Sample chamber building
  • Change illumination and detection optics
  • Single Side Illumination and Dual Side Illumination with fusion options
  • Multiview: Quick Setup, Manual Setup, and processing with fusion incubation
  • Online processing
  • Tiling and stitching in ZEN
  • Processing tips in ZEN (blue edition) (create an image subset, resample, channel shift, channel alignment)
  • Processing using arivis Vision4D (stitching, channel shift in XYZ)
  • Deconvolution
  • Clearing hardware and imaging tips
  • Customer interfaces and system maintenance and care

Learning Level



Experience with light microscopy


Lightsheet 7


ZEN 3.1 LS (black edition) und
ZEN (blue edition) for image processing


March 13 to 17, 2023
Registration until 2 weeks prior to the course


5 days


Training and Support Center Jena



Course Fee

Per person: 3150 € (plus VAT)


Max. 3

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