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Dear customers

You have certainly heard from the daily press that the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is currently issuing a new warning level.
According to the BSI, the critical vulnerability (Log4Shell) in the widely used Java library Log4j leads to an extremely critical threat situation. The BSI has therefore upgraded its existing cyber security warning to warning level red. The reason for this assessment is the very widespread use of the affected product and the associated effects on countless other products.

First of all, it is important to note that the ZEISS Group takes such warnings very seriously and that the security of our products has the highest possible priority.

However, we would like to assist you with regard to the warning from the BSI and transparently take away your understandable concerns.

What can we say about our products at the moment:

  • The investigations, into the extent to which ZEISS products are affected by the fundamental concerns of the BSI in question, are constantly carried out at ZEISS, regardless of reports from the daily press, so that it is always up to date.
  • The present ZEISS Microscopy applications in particular are not developed on the basis of Java and therefore do not contain any components that are subject to the current security warning issued by the BSI.
  • The steady analysis results of our products so far have not provided any information about existing security gaps, so that here, as of now, we are assuming a maximum security level.
  • Of course we will keep you informed as usual as part of our ongoing security analyzes.
  • Should you find out about any security problems yourself, we ask you to inform us about this as soon as possible.

Our product support team and security department will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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