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How-to Acquire a Multichannel Fluorescence Image

With Labscope and Smart Microscopy

22 February 2021 · 3 min watch
  • Laboratory Routine
  • Widefield Light Microscopy
  • Software
Author Dr. Michael Gögler Market Sector Manager for Routine Microscopy
ZEISS Microscopy

Smart and Streamlined Digital Microscopy for the Clinical Laboratory

If you work with fluorescently labeled cells or other samples that contain multiple fluorophores, easy image acquisition in independent channels and the overlay thereof is highly desired. Especially with manual microscopes this procedure can be cumbersome.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn how to acquire up to 4 fluorescence channels and 1 transmitted light channel in an easy and effortless way.
  • Learn how to use a smart fluorescence microscope such as ZEISS Axioscope 5 with Colibri 3 or Axiolab 5, in combination with the microscope camera Axiocam 202 mono and the imaging app Labscope.
  • Learn how to adapt the histogram, compare separate channels, and even include them in a report.

How-to Video

  • How-to Acquire a Multichannel Fluorescence Image with Labscope and Smart Microscopy

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