Basics of Confocal Microscopy

17 June 2020 · 57 min watch
  • Life Sciences
  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Author Tina Howe Microscope Product Specialist
ZEISS Microscopy
Author Gavin Symonds Product Manager
ZEISS Microscopy

Basics of Confocal Microscopy

This webinar will introduce the key concepts associated with biological confocal microscopy. Topics such as the confocal pinhole and optical sectioning will be outlined. Specific components that comprise a confocal microscope such as lasers, detectors, and the confocal scan head will be introduced, and basic imaging parameters required for the acquisition of a confocal image will be discussed. What is the benefit of using confocal microscopy over traditional widefield imaging? The talk will highlight the degree of flexibility inherent with confocal imaging over other imaging modalities.


  • Basics of Confocal Microscopy

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