Nano-XRM and High-Contrast Imaging

Inform Micro-Porosity Permeability During Stokes-Brinkman Single and Two-Phase Flow Simulations

14 May 2020 · 35 min watch
  • Imaging Software
  • Geoscience
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • X-Ray Microscopy

Dr. Hannah Menke

Research Associate
Heriot-Watt University


Dr. Matthew Andrew

Geoscience & Oil and Gas Technologist
ZEISS Microscopy


Nano-XRM and High-Contrast Imaging to Inform Micro-Porosity Permeability

Using nano-XRM (ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra) and high-contrast imaging of Estaillades limestone (carbonate) to inform micro-porosity permeability during Stokes-Brinkman single and two-phase flow simulations on micro-CT images using ZEISS Xradia 510 X-ray microscope and ZEISS Zen Intellesis machine learning capabilities for segmentation.
Dr. Matthew Andrew, Geoscience Technologist, ZEISS Microscopy, and Dr. Hannah Menke, Researcher, Heriot-Watt University, discuss latest findings.

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