Quantitative Geochemical and Petrological Analysis

4 December 2020 · 37 min watch
  • Geoscience
  • Imaging Software

Dr. Richard Taylor

Applications Manager for Geoscience
ZEISS Microscopy


Dr. Edward Hill

Applications Manager for Mining
ZEISS Microscopy


Dr. Matt Hiscock

Head of product Science
Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis


Dr. Rosie Jones

Product Scientist
Oxford Instruments


Quantitative Geochemical and Petrological Analysis

In this webinar we demonstrate the research tasks in igneous and metamorphic petrology. This includes mapping from full thin sections to microscale features with greater speed, accuracy, and flexibility than has previously been possible.

Key Learnings:

  • Use of a unique analytical approach combining automated mineral mapping with quantitative geochemical analysis
  • Bulk sample chemistry can be obtained at any scale within a petrographic thin section
  • Standard calibrated quantitative EDS can allow geological conditions to be constrained with direct context to petrographic observations


  • Quantitative Geochemical and Petrological Analysis

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