Basics of Optical Microscopy

20 April 2020 · 68 min watch
  • Widefield Light Microscopy
  • Laboratory Routine
  • Teaching
  • Life Sciences
Author Dr. Kyall Pocock Product and Applications Sales Specialist
ZEISS Microscopy
Author Dr. Shannon Das Product Application Specialist
ZEISS Microscopy

Basics of Optical Microscopy

Learn the basics of light microscopy in this ZEISS interactive webinar. The webinar will cover the basic optical principles of light microscopy, including how to optimize objective selection for your sample and how that may impact on the contrast techniques available to use. In addition the webinar will also introduce the underlying principles of fluorescence microscopy. ​

Key Learnings:

  • Know your objectives and what they do​
  • Choose the most suitable contrast method for your sample​
  • Your coverslip and mounting media selection matters​


  • Basics of Optical Microscopy

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