ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machines — Comprehensive Quality Assurance Solutions

CMMs with High-Speed Scanning and Outstanding Accuracy and Precision

Measurement results with high accuracy and speed are critical for quality assurance in all industries, including aerospace, medical device, electric vehicle and additive manufacturing. ZEISS fulfills this need with a full range of reliable, high-quality coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). This comprehensive portfolio includes:

  • Bridge-type CMMs for faster and more precise measurements with a high-speed probe system.
  • Shop floor CMMs for quality assurance performed at the site of production.
  • Large CMMs that maintain precision and offer a large measuring range, with tabletop, bridge-type and gantry CMM options of various sizes.
  • Horizontal-arm CMMs that can measure car body parts with reliable accuracy and efficiency, with contact and optical options.

The various solutions and systems can be tailored directly to individual requirements and the environmental condition of the customer’s site. ZEISS also offers a comprehensive solution that includes fixtures, software, sensors and services.  

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