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A 10-year success story

Create dynamic and engaging microscopy classes with a network of connected microscopes, tablets and PCs. See live images from all microscopes on your tablet/PC, give your students real-time feedback, send them images or documents, and share and discuss their live images with the class.

  • Increase student engagement and interaction
  • Give real-time feedback on the correct use of the microscope and selection of sample area
  • Create hands-on, customizable learning experiences and improve the quality of teaching
How ZEISS Digital Classrooms work

A ZEISS Digital Classroom – consisting of connected ZEISS microscopes, tablets or PCs, and the imaging software Labscope – enables you to create an engaging, personalized learning environment for your STEM classes. Improve the quality of your teaching and increase student satisfaction by being able to interact with your students in exciting new ways that were not possible before.

See, Share & Discuss

See, share, and discuss live images from all connected microscopes

See live images from all connected microscopes at any time and from anywhere in the room. Observe how your students are doing in real-time. Stream images from any microscope onto the wall or a TV screen and discuss what students are seeing with the whole class. As you move freely around the room, 'lecture & listen' becomes 'show & see'.

Create Customizable Learning Experiences

Create customizable learning experiences

By sharing and discussing their results, students learn easily from each other and experience learning success in a playful way. Connected microscopes offer an interactive, digital platform which increases attention and interaction between the students and lecturers.

As a teacher you can opt for Labscope Teacher to get additional functions for organizing and managing your lectures. Upload and share lecture files via a shared folder and stream videos or a presentation to their devices during class. Your students can upload images or videos too and report on their results. The (deactivatable) Chat function lets you collect and answer questions.

Collaborate & Assist

Collaborate and assist your students during class

With the imaging software Labscope, your students can measure, annotate, and save images and videos of their microscope with all metadata and a separate annotation layer. Give real-time feedback to your students. Are they looking at the right structure and acquiring the right kinds of images? Alter and correct camera settings remotely, where needed. By giving fast, efficient feedback and making it easier to use the microscope, you can focus your time on interpretation and analysis of what is seen under the microscope.

Built for Your Teaching Needs

  • ZEISS Primostar 3

    Microscopes for Education

    Choose among Labscope-ready ZEISS microscopes for different needs and budgets.

  • ZEISS Labscope Imaging App


    Labscope is the easy-to-use imaging software for connected microscopy in digital classrooms.

  • ZEISS Labscope Teacher

    Labscope Teacher

    With Labscope Teacher, get additional functions for organizing and managing your digital classrooms.

  • ZEISS Labscope - Microscope List

    Microscope List

    Get a quick overview of all connected microscopes in your classroom.

  • ZEISS Labscope - Live View

    Live View

    See high-quality live images of your classroom microscopes.

  • ZEISS Labscope - Annotations & Measurements

    Annotations & Measurements

    You and your students can choose between 15 types of annotations and easy adjustments of color and size.

  • ZEISS Labscope - Split View

    Split View

    Compare images in detail with split view. Zoom in and out, and save the image of split view for documentation.

  • ZEISS Labscope - Reports


    Different report templates are prepared for your students to quickly create reports from their microscopy work.

  • ZEISS Labscope - File Management

    File Management

    Sort, search and share your images, videos and reports among the class.

  • ZEISS Labscope - Acquisition Settings

    Acquisition Settings

    Get in-app control of your classroom microscopes and adjust exposure, white balance, light intensity and more.

  • ZEISS Labscope - Drawing Tube

    Drawing Tube

    Do easy hand drawings of microscopy images. The translucent sketch solution provides an inspiring learning style.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To set up a Digital Classroom you need microscopes with whether an integrated or external microscope camera, which can be connected via LAN or WiFi to a network. Working with LAN, a router is necessary. Labscope, the suitable imaging software, you can download for free.

  • The Digital Classroom with connected microscopes can be used for a wide range of subjects, primarily in the fields of science and education. Some of the subjects include microbiology or histology courses.

  • Sure, there are different case studies available (see below). If you are interested in further success stories in your region, please contact us.

    University of Exeter (UK)

    Dr. Mark Ramsdale, the director of education at the Department of Biosciences, University of Exeter, UK, tells about his experiences with the digital classroom and ZEISS microscopes. Teaching and learning get much more fun with connected microscopes, helping students getting better results. That’s what the university wants.

    Hainberg Gymnasium (Germany)

    Paul Mühlenhoff is using ZEISS Primo Star microscopes in his 10th grade biology class. The interconnectivity of the microscopes helps him and his students to digitally share their observations under the microscope and thus make it a seamless and rich learning experience.

    School for Medical Laboratory Technicians (Germany)

    For Christiane Maschek, ZEISS microscopes are one of the most important tools to teach her medical laboratory technicians their profession. In class, they are using ZEISS microscopes with high illumination power for fluorescence and phase contrast to examine tissue samples. The interconnected microscopes enable to create a digital classroom - motivating students and energizing instructors at the same time.

  • What you need is: ZEISS WiFi ready microscopes with cameras, Labscope App, digital devices, routers and IT infrastructure. We recommend involving your IT expert from the very beginning.

  • You can easily increase your Digital Classroom in case you need more microscopes. Furthermore, Labscope is regularly updated and you get it free of charge.

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