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AI assisted workflows in microscopy

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AI Assisted Workflows in Microscopy

Explore new ways to setup your image acquistion and quantification workflows

Join us for an exciting workshop hosted by the RUB Winklhofer Lab Imaging Facility and ZEISS where we present the latest developments in light microscopy and 2D image quantifications. AI has given both areas a boost in terms of usability, reproducibility and data quality.

Why Attend:

  • Expert Talks: Engage with leading experts in the field who will share their knowledge and insights on the latest advancements in microscopy technology.
  • System Demonstrations: Witness live demonstrations of the new features and upgrades, gaining a first-hand understanding of their capabilities and benefits.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow researchers and professionals in the microscopy community, fostering collaborations and expanding your network.

Key Learnings

  • Light Microscopy: Latest news on Axio Observer, your open and flexible inverted microscope platform with AI assisted experiment setup
  • Multimodal Imaging: Observe live and fixed specimens with unique guidance through your experiments and efficient imaging thanks to a high degree of automation
  • Image Analysis: Learn about advanced image analysis techniques tailored for life science research. Discover how to extract meaningful information from complex microscopy data, enabling a more comprehensive analysis of your experiments.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Explore the intersection of microscopy and cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Understand how these tools can enhance data interpretation, streamline workflows, and uncover hidden patterns in your research.


April 25, 2024
Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) Institute of Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry

10 AM


10.15 AM

Verian Bader, RUB & Dirk Heitbrink, ZEISS

10.30 AM

Axio Observer, your open and flexible inverted microscope platform with AI assisted experiment setup
Bodo Borm, ZEISS

11.15 AM

Introduction to the ZEISS image analysis world with a focus on AI-based segmentation tools
Dirk Heitbrink, ZEISS

12 AM


1 PM

Live Demonstration: AI based Image Analysis
Dirk Heitbrink, ZEISS

1.15 PM

Live Demonstrations Axio Observer in smaller groups
Bodo Borm, ZEISS

2.30 PM


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