Incubation Solutions for Life Sciences

Incubation Solutions for Life Sciences

Environmental Control Tailored to the Requirements of Your Living Samples

With ZEISS incubation systems, you create the optimal environment for your most sensitive living specimens. Combine different housings, incubators, and sample holders as required. Simple setup procedures and precise control over environmental parameters help you to create meaningful, reproducible results.

  • Stable conditions
  • Flexible setups
  • Precise control
Stable Conditions

Stable Conditions

Living specimens respond to changes in temperature, pH or gas levels. For this reason, the stability of the environmental conditions is important for a successful experiment. Any unwanted fluctuation will inevitably lead to a less conclusive results. ZEISS incubation equipment creates stable environmental conditions, so you know your experiments are proceeding as intended and you can correctly interpret the results to gain new insights into dynamic biological systems.

Flexible Setups

Flexible Setups

The requirements placed on sample carriers, environmental parameters and imaging conditions may vary with each experiment. To support a great variety of studies, ZEISS allows you to control the incubation components individually. Combine components to achieve the level of precision, sophistication and flexibility required by your experiment. With a large selection of compatible components, you can build a system that meets your current experimental needs while being assured of compatibility for future applications.

Precise Control

Precise Control

Integrating your incubation equipment with the ZEN imaging software allows you to control and record all conditions through a unified user interface. Sensors and controls are seamlessly integrated and important parameters are recorded together with the imaging data to enable you to trace a result to a specific condition. Being able to recall these data later and plot them significantly assists you in documenting and interpreting your results.


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