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Microscope Objective Specifications

5 April 2024 · 5 min read
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Are you interested in learning more about microscope objectives? Our foundational knowledge article on objective specifications provides an in-depth look at the information inscribed on the barrel of each objective, including magnification, numerical aperture, and more. Learn how to choose the right objective for your needs.

Key Learnings:

  • Microscope objectives have a wide range of specifications, including magnification, numerical aperture, and immersion media, among others.
  • Information about the specifications of objectives is schematically inscribed on the barrel by the manufacturer.
  • The interactive tutorial helps users understand the available options and codes used to categorize objectives, including linear magnification, numerical aperture value, optical corrections, microscope body tube length, and immersion medium type.

Microscope Objective Specifications

Microscope objectives are precision optical systems that feature a wide range of magnifications, numerical apertures, immersion media, specialized contrast applications, and other properties. Information pertaining to the specifications of microscope objectives are inscribed on the decorative barrel by the manufacturer. This interactive tutorial examines the specifications found on typical objectives.

Tutorial Guide

The tutorial initializes with an image of a ZEISS Plan Neofluar 63x objective in the window. Right to the objective image is an interactive text box that displays information about the objective when a particular region is activated. To operate the tutorial, click through the objective features step by step, selecting where possible. Below the objective image, you will see your selected objective configuration. This will help you to understand the options available and the codes used to categorize objectives.

The graphic below outlines the specifications that are included in this interactive tutorial.

The graphic shows the side view of a microscope objective. It lists the information that can appear on the objective, including symbols, abbreviations, and colour coding.

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