The Principle of Spectral Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy

14 June 2024 · 63 min watch
  • Life Sciences
  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Dr. Jelle Hendrix
Author Prof. Dr. Jelle Hendrix

Hasselt University, Belgium

Head of the Dynamic Bioimaging Lab


Spectral RICS combines confocal imaging with information about the behavior of proteins in their cellular environment. This integrated approach facilitates the identification of regions exhibiting diverse molecular characteristics. Uniquely, through spectral unmixing, Spectral RICS provides an optimal foundation for investigating protein-protein binding behavior. ZEISS Spectral RICS has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Jelle Hendrix, Hasselt University, Belgium. In this webinar, he introduces the RICS method and the applications it enables.

Key Learnings:

  • The principle of the RICS method.
  • How to use RICS in combination with confocal imaging.
  • How Spectral RICS helps to obtain unbiased, crosstalk-free multicolor information of protein behavior in living cells.
  • Sample and system prerequisites.
  • Possible applications.


  • The Principle of Spectral Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy

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