Accelerating the Impact and Growth of Your Core Microscopy Lab with 3D X-ray Imaging

19 February 2021 · 60 min watch
  • Materials Sciences
  • Correlative Microscopy
  • X-Ray Microscopy
Author Sina Shahbazmohamadi Professor and Director of REFINE Lab, University of Connecticut

Accelerating the Impact and Growth of Your Core Microscopy Lab with 3D X-ray Imaging

Several years ago, the Innovation Partnership Building was established at the University of Connecticut Tech Park (https://techpark.uconn.edu/) as a mechanism to foster technical innovation and collaboration between academic and industrial communities in Connecticut. Within the IPB is the Reverse Engineering, Fabrication, Inspection and Non-destructive Evaluation (REFINE) microscopy lab housing a range of instruments including optical, ion-beam, FIB-SEM, and X-ray microscopes. Among these, 3D X-ray microscopy offers a unique and powerful capability to address a variety of materials characterization challenges for researchers, both on campus as well as from local industry. This virtual seminar provides an overview of the role X-ray microscopy plays among the variety of techniques in this core facility and a survey of recent applications with scientific and commercial relevance in the materials research domain.

Key Learnings:

  • Gain perspective on the diversity of XRM applications for a materials core imaging facility.
  • Understand REFINE’s approaches with regard to coordinating and operating such an instrument in a multi-user environment.
  • See examples of ways XRM is used in conjunction with optical or electron microscopy approaches for multiscale and correlative imaging needs.

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