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AI is helping to innovate products, develop applications, and serve customers. As technology continues to advance, the use of artificial intelligence in these areas has become increasingly important. By leveraging AI, we can develop microscopy systems and software that are more accurate, efficient and user-friendly. Additionally, AI can aid in the development of applications that provide more detailed and faster analysis of imaging data. Finally, AI can enhance customer service by allowing us to provide faster, more accurate and personalized support to our customers.

Join us on this journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of AI in microscopy.

Disrupting Boundaries of Existing Technologies

  • Dr. Matthew Andrew, Head of Advanced Development & Design at ZEISS discusses the emergence of AI technology and its transformative importance for the microscopists. He sheds light on the new and exciting possibilites that not only lay ahead but are well within our reach.
Darragh Murnane and Parmesh Gajjar

AI let's you see things in images that you've never been able to see before.

Dr. Matthew Andrew | ZEISS

On a Journey to the Most Accessible Image Analysis

  • Dr. Sreenivas Bhattiprolu, Head of Digital Microscopy Solutions at ZEISS speaks about his vision of how AI can empower scientist to get best possible insights from their microscope images in a matter of seconds. His ultimate goal is allowing the research community to concentrate on solving problems and not learning how to wrangle data.
Darragh Murnane and Parmesh Gajjar

Because of AI, it will be possible to go from the sample to insights and knowledge in a matter of seconds.

Dr. Sreenivas Bhattiprolu | ZEISS

Disruptive Technologies Drive Organizational Change and Benefit Customers

  • Head of Global Sales & Service at ZEISS, Martin Fischer speaks about his journey towards AI and how it is now being implemented in places such as preventive maintenance, service training or customer service.
Darragh Murnane and Parmesh Gajjar

Because of AI, we are able to predict failure at customer site.

Martin Fischer | ZEISS

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