Materials Testing and Development at Corning Incorporated Using XCT Technology

19 February 2021 · 60 min watch
  • X-Ray Microscopy
  • Materials Sciences
Author Melroy Borges Senior Research Scientist, Corning Inc.

Materials Testing and Development at Corning Incorporated Using XCT Technology

Corning Incorporated manufactures many glass, ceramic, and polymer-based products, and its Characterization Sciences department undertakes analyses on them throughout the R&D and manufacturing cycle. The company aims for a complete, collaborative effort when it comes to sample analysis, with Microscopy, Chemistry, Physical Properties, and other labs working together to define the best analysis path. Since X-ray CT was introduced into labs in 2013, its usage has grown tremendously, and almost all of Corning’s businesses submit samples for analysis. Dr. Borges will briefly present Corning’s history and current portfolio and then talk about a few examples where the company uses X-ray CT technology to enhance and enable research. He will also touch upon broader aspects of image data management, with the goal of prompting a discussion on how different labs handle large amounts of data.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn how XCT is used in R&D settings.
  • Discuss the challenges posed by some samples or some type of analyses.
  • Examine the challenges involved in handling large datasets.
  • Consider the directions in which the XCT industry can move to alleviate some challenges.

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