ZEISS PALM CombiSystem​

ZEISS PALM CombiSystem Laser Microdissection and Optical Tweezers in a Single System

Trap, move and position microscopic objects – such as red blood cells and bacteria – intuitively with the force of light. PALM CombiSystem combines laser microdissection with optical trapping. For laser microdissection mark an element on your screen and separate it from unwanted tissue. A targeted laser pulse 'catapults' your element upwards and contact-free into a collection vessel for further analysis. The optical trap manipulates particles with the highest precision at the cellular and sub-cellular level.

  • Exceptional control over laser micromanipulation
  • Trap, sort and position with highest precision
  • Manipulate and move particles and living cells in liquids
  • Applicable to cryosections, FFPE tissue sections, cell smears, cytospins, chromosome preparations and live cells

Contact-Free High Precision Micro-Manipulation

PALM CombiSystem uses a focused laser beam to cut out and isolate your selected specimen without contact. The patented laser catapult isolates your target area fast and uncontaminated. In addition, the optical tweezers are the ideal solution if you demand a high-precision tool for the separation and manipulation of particles at the cellular and sub-cellular level.

Integrated Into the System World of ZEISS

Integrated Into the System World of ZEISS

PALM CombiSystem is supplied together with the Axio Observer inverse research microscope. You not only benefit from an optical trap and microdissection capabilities, but you also enjoy exceptional, proven ZEISS imaging quality. PALM CombiSystem is compatible with many other ZEISS components, allowing you to extend your system and create the versatile research platform you demand.


    • The PALM Family - A New Dimension in Sample Purity

      Integrated Laser Microdissection and Microscope Systems for Live Cells and Fixed Material

      Pages: 23
      File size: 9 MB
    • Laser Microdissection: A Key Technology for Microproteomics

      Isolate a single cell population Isolate 30.000 cells in one step within seconds Seamless integrate LCM into your workflow

      Pages: 7
      File size: 2 MB

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