​​ZEISS PALM MicroBeam – Laser Microsdissection

ZEISS PALM MicroBeam Laser Microsdissection Contact-Free and Uncontaminated Specimen Collection

PALM MicroBeam makes isolating uncontaminated source material simple. Precise detection, laser microdissection and patented laser transport allow you to obtain the homogenous analysis material necessary for meaningful scientific results.

  • Suitable for DNA, RNA and protein isolation
  • Applicable to cryosections and FFPE tissue
  • Microdissection from standard glass slides
  • Calibration routines to adjust laser parameters to your specimen


Patented Laser Catapult

Contamination-free Sample Isolation

PALM MicroBeam uses a focused laser beam to cut out and isolate your selected specimen without contact. The patented laser catapult isolates your target area fast and uncontaminated.

Objectives with a high numerical aperture bundle the energy so precisely that they work to an accuracy of well under a micrometer. You even manipulate down to the subcellular level, without involving neighboring tissue.

The laser pulse of PALM MicroBeam only affects your specimen for approximately one nanosecond. In this short time heat transfer to adjacent tissue is negligible, ensuring gentle isolation that also allows for live cell recultivation. You even isolate sensitive stem cell specimens without influencing their vitality or genetic structure.

Maximum Precision

Research at the Molecular Level

When you are investigating DNA, you need to select your source material carefully. Even sensitive methods of analysis can amplify unwanted material – and the slightest contamination can alter your results. If you are testing individual cells, it only takes one unwanted cell to result in a contamination error of 100%.

PALM MicroBeam solves this problem by allowing you to isolate high-purity biomolecules from heterogeneous tissue safely, quickly and reproducibly. For example, you can separate tumor tissue with a high level of purity and carry out exact, error-free and reproducible mutation analyses. You also successfully investigate archived specimens from pathology or forensics with PALM MicroBeam – and in contrast to other laser microdissection techniques you can use normal glass slides.

Because analyses of gene expression patterns rely on exactly separated analytical material, unwanted cells can alter your results and conceal the signals of the relevant cells. PALM MicroBeam prevents this happening by allowing you to define cells and tissue regions precisely, ensuring your results are exact and reproducible.


    • The PALM Family - A New Dimension in Sample Purity

      Integrated Laser Microdissection and Microscope Systems for Live Cells and Fixed Material

      Pages: 23
      File size: 9 MB
    • On-Chip Single Cell Analysis - for PALM MicroBeam

      For Single Cell Genotyping, Sequencing and Expression Analysis: Reliable, Safe, Reproducible

      Pages: 2
      File size: 1 MB
    • Laser Microdissection: A Key Technology for Microproteomics

      Isolate a single cell population Isolate 30.000 cells in one step within seconds Seamless integrate LCM into your workflow

      Pages: 7
      File size: 2 MB

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