3D X-ray Microscopy

For High Resolution Measurements in Semiconductor Package Development

23 July 2021 · 27 min watch
  • Electronics and Semiconductor
  • X-Ray Microscopy
Author Juan Atkinson Mora, Ph.D Applications Technologist,
ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

3D X-ray Microscopy for High Resolution Measurements in Semiconductor Package Development

Due to the increasing complexity of emerging 3D packages, the packaging industry faces challenges for finding effective inspection and metrology techniques. 3D X-ray metrology offers a potential solution through a non-destructive workflow at submicron resolution. The 3D X-ray microscopic (XRM) imaging technique has become integrated in the electronics package failure analysis workflow because it enables the acquisition of rich volumetric information on buried defects not available by cross section. We present XRM sample measurements and a workflow that is applied for multiple repetitive parts for high repeatability and reproducibility. Other 3D metrics may be developed with this metrology workflow.

Key Learnings:

  • Application of 3D X-ray microscopy to semiconductor materials and consumables characterization
  • Use of 3D X-ray microscopy in semiconductor process development
  • Improvement of semiconductor quality assurance and reliability with 3D X-ray microscopy

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