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  • Introduction

    InProcess has touchscreen-optimized icon menus with an intuitive, effective software design, clear structures and differentiated user management. Individual sequences, calculations and representation forms can be configured based on personal requirements. OPC interface and fieldbus are available for an easy integration into production lines.

  • Benefits
    • Available in various languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish), other languages to follow
    • More than one spectrometer can be controlled simultaneously
    • Support of calibrations (chemometric models) created using standard chemometric software such as GRAMS, Unscrambler or UCAL
    • Filter function for the elimination of implausible spectra
    • Communication via OPC and fieldbus for integration into production line control
    • Use of pre-defined products or creation of user’s own products as desired
    • Calculation, evaluation and integration into higher-ranking process environment
    • Control of events via Digital I/O
  • Measurement


    • measurement can be displayed as spectrum, value or trend
    • automatic warning when limit values are exceeded (definition of limit values and warning levels)
    • use of pre-defined products or creation of user’s own products
    • creation of user’s own measuring runs, calculations and views

    Product setup menu

    • creation of “defined products”
    • calculation, evaluation and integration into higher-ranking process environment
    • support of calibrations (chemometric models) which are produced using standard chemometric software e.g. by GRAMS, UNSCRAMBLER, UCAL
    • control of events via Digital I/O

    Measurement history

    • access to all measuring and referencing results
    • data export of spectra, measurement values and sample information

    User management

    • restrict access to critical user operations
    • customized permission for user groups with different access levels

    Event log

    • logging of critical system events
    • easy export of events log for service puposes
  • Tutorials

    In terms of their functioning, the Corona extreme system’s components have to meet very demanding requirements. The compact spectrometer system is extremely low maintenance and easy to service. The system’s functionality is described in detail below.

    First steps

    • installation of the system
    • measurement with an available product


    Manufacturing a product

    • creation of a measurement sequence
    • calculation (import calibration)
    • display of the results
    • display of limit values


    click here to watch the video


  • Download

    Please click here to download the latest InProcess version.  


    Please note that you need a license to use the software InProcess.