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ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe, Rudolf-Eber-Straße 2, 73447 Oberkochen
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Live Cell Imaging | Latest Developments

ZEISS Workshop

Join us for our 2-day workshop where we will introduce some of the very latest advancements and applications in live cell imaging. Discover the array of technology choices that provide a wealth of options for optimizing your experiments. Learn the benefits of each technology for your applications and understand how they can be used in combination to deliver optimal results in your samples.
See the technologies in action and learn how your work can benefit from:

  • Superresolution microscopy, down to 60 nm resolution in live specimens
  • Improvements in image quality and speed across all modalities of your confocal
  • The new standards in volumetric live imaging provided by Lattice Lightsheet microscopy
  • The latest opportunities in high content screening with multimodal options
  • Powerful approaches for data management and analysis to reach quantifiable insights from your experiment

Event Agenda

February 7, 2023 | 11.30 AM - 5.45 PM


11.30 AM


12.30 PM

Welcome to ZEISS Microscopy

Stefan Groß, CEO ZEISS Microscopy Deutschland

12.45 PM

Standstill is no option. Why 3D Live Cell Imaging needs constant innovation.

Horst Wolf, ZEISS Microscopy

1.45 PM

Live Demonstration 1

3 PM

Coffee Break

3.20 PM

Live Demonstration 2

4.35 PM

Live Demonstration 3

5.50 PM

End of the first day

7 PM

Joint Dinner - Vilotel Oberkochen

Event Agenda

February 8, 2023 | 9 AM - 3.30 PM

9 AM

Live Demonstration 4

10.15 AM

Coffee Break

10.45 AM

Live Demonstration 5

12 AM


1 PM

Live Demonstration 6

2.15 PM

Live Demonstration 7

3.30 PM

End of the second day

Live Demonstrations


Station 1

Boost both image quality and resolution for all your confocal experiments with ZEISS LSM 980

Station  2

Discover ZEISS Elyra 7 for superresolution at breathtaking speed

Station  3

Grow your opportunities for automated acquisition with AI Sample Finder and autoimmersion

Station  4

Explore Lattice Lightsheet Microscopy – the evolving technology setting new standards in volumetric live cell imaging

Station  5

Expand your High Content Screening (HCS) possibilities – powerful workflows from acquisition to analysis with ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7

Station  6

Impact future developments at ZEISS and share your experience with the experts

Station  7

Be ready to handle big data to reach quantifiable insights from your imaging experiments with Lightsheet & arivis Vision4D and VisionHub

Bus Transfers

Bus transfers from station Aalen and station Oberkochen to Microscopy Customer Centers are provided. As well all transfers between the venues and the recommended hotels.

Arrival by car:
Due to poor parking facilities at the Customer Center, please park at the hotel and use the bus transfer to the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center.
Departure: Hotel Goldenes Lamm 11:10 AM, Vilotel: 11:20 AM

Arrival by train at station Aalen:
ZEISS Bus transfer from station Aalen to ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center:
Station Aalen, bus platform 8a, departure 10:45 AM

Arrival by train at station Oberkochen:
ZEISS factory bus to ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center
Departure: 10:18 AM, 11:18 AM, 12:18 AM, 12:50 PM, 12:25 PM

Departure on Feb 8th:
Bus Transfer from Microscopy Customer Center is provided to:
Station Oberkochen (3:55 PM)
Hotel Goldenes Lamm
Station Aalen (4:15 PM)

Hotel Recommendation

The booking and the costs for the hotel are to be paid by the participant.
Room capacities have been reserved in these hotels from Feb 7 - 8, 2023
Booking code: ZEISS 3D Workshop
Only these hotels are connected to the bus transfer to all venues.

Eugen-Bolz-Platz 2
73447 Oberkochen
Tel +49 7364 955540
Price single room with breakfast: 108,- Eur

Hotel Goldenes Lamm
Kocherstraße 8
73432 Aalen
Tel. +49 7361 98680
Price single room with breakfast: 86,- bis 99,- Eur



ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe

ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe Rudolf-Eber-Straße 2 73447 Oberkochen Germany